Terms and Conditions of Business

These Terms and Conditions of Business are between Good People and its Clients. By interviewing or engaging a candidate introduced by Good People, the Client is agreeing to abide by these Terms and Conditions. This includes any kind of candidate engagement, whether directly, under a contract of services or via any agency, licensee, client subsidiary, holding company, franchise or partnership.

Good People require written confirmation of business from the Client, with an order number where appropriate. The Client agrees to notify Good People when making an applicant an offer of employment or coming to any other commercial arrangements.

These Terms and Condition of Business supersede any previously agreed Terms and Conditions of Business. Good People will not send Terms and Conditions of Business on each occasion a candidate is introduced. No variation can be made to these Terms and Condition of Business without written consent of the Managing Partners of Good People. These Terms and Conditions of Business are governed by UK and English Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the UK and English courts.


‘Introduction’ is defined as any form of contact brought about by Good People either directly or indirectly through any third party, between any applicant sourced by Good People and any Client. This applies whether or not the Client knew of such applicant previously. Any previous introduction from another consultancy will be disregarded for the purpose of these terms should the candidate expressly wish to proceed with the application through Good People. If an existing employee of the Client is appointed these Terms and Conditions of Business will apply. If any additional candidates are recruited a fee is payable. Terms to be agreed in advance.

Introductions are confidential. The passing of an introduction to another employer, person, firm or company which results in an engagement of the application within 12 months renders the original Client liable to payment, or if hired up to 12 months by the Client.

Replacement guarantee

If an engagement is lawfully terminated for any reason other than redundancy, within 3 months of the start date and all invoices have been paid by the due date, we will continue to source you a satisfactory replacement. Or if a candidate has accepted an offer, but does not actually start, we will find you a replacement.


Good People realise that there may be unforeseen circumstances that can change or even cancel an assignment. Should you wish to cancel an assignment pre-shortlist, there will be a charge equivalent to the next fee stage due. If you cancel post-shortlist, a charge equivalent to 50% of the anticipated/agreed final fee stage is applicable.


Good People will take all necessary action to ensure that qualifications and references for shortlist candidates are checked. While Good People will make every effort to introduce satisfactory applicants to the Client, it is the ultimate responsibility of Clients to verify suitability, check references, arrange medical examinations, obtain any necessary work or other permits and to satisfy any other requirements or qualifications made by law – prior to engagement of the applicant. Good People shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense in any way connected with its recruitment service.


Three searches. Three fees.

Our fees are based on a couple of refreshingly simple – and astoundingly obvious – factors: how much work we do and how hard that work is. Since each of our Search services requires a different degree of Consultant involvement, experience and expertise, each carries a different fee:

Database Search – 20% of your chosen candidate’s first year’s remuneration, payable when they accept the role. That’s it.*

Advertised Search – 25% % of your chosen candidate’s first year’s remuneration. Payable in three equal installments: at brief, at shortlist and at signed offer. *

Executive Search – 33% of your chosen candidate’s first year’s remuneration. Again you pay three equal instalments at brief, at shortlist and at signed offer. *

  • * Actually there’s no small print. No catch. No slippery sliding scale of diminishing percentages. No equation so complex you need a spreadsheet to keep track of it.

A recruitment consultancy with transparent fees. Good news


All fees are expressed as a percentage of the first year’s gross remuneration package/projected earnings that have incentivised the Applicant to join the Client (whether or not guaranteed) including all bonuses, overseas premiums, living/accommodation allowances etc.

The provision of a car is valued at £5,000.00 additional remuneration unless stated otherwise.

For interim or contract positions lasting less than 6 months, remuneration is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

VAT is payable on our fees and charged at the prevailing rate.


The Client is responsible for the payment of all advertising and ancillary costs which have been agreed by the Client and Good People in writing.

All other expenses incurred by a Good People Consultant will be passed on the Client, unless we have agreed to include them in your fee. Any other costs not noted in the original proposal may be added – but this will be discussed and agreed with the Client in advance. Any expense items over £300 will be agreed specifically in advance.

Billing Schedule

Database Search – this fee is payable on successful completion of the assignment and on acceptance of the role by the successful candidate.
Advertised Search and Executive Search – this fee is payable in three stages as outlined below.
Stage 1 – upon commencement of an assignment (non-refundable).
Stage 2 – upon acceptance of a shortlist (non-refundable)
Stage 3 – upon written acceptance of an offer(non-refundable though we offer a 3-month replacement guarantee)


Payments are due within 14 days of the date of any invoice presented. Should any invoice remain unpaid for more than 21 days from the date of invoice, any refund which otherwise would have become due is void and full payment will be due by the Client. In addition, we will charge interest at a rate of 5% of the total unpaid amount due and a further invoice for this amount will be submitted to the Client which itself must be paid within 14 days of the invoice.

Database Search
Advertised Search
Executive Search
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