Advertised Search

Experience tells us when all the databases in the world just aren’t going to unearth the perfect candidate for your role.

But unlike some agencies, we have something else to offer you.


A recruitment consultancy that creates candidates for you. Good choice.

Create a new cache of candidates you would otherwise miss

It’s the only way to get great candidates onto your radar screen from the thousands of job-seekers who never appear in recruitment databases.

Good People write and design ads that target those unseen, unregistered candidates quietly job-watching in the media and national press.

Advertised Search affords you the luxury of space

For multi-hiring programmes or for highly specialist roles you are free to describe vacancies fully, allowing candidates to self-select, saving you time later on.

Why run half a dozen database sweeps when we can simply place a single advertisement that will give you a spot-on shortlist in a few weeks?

Advertised Search bolsters your brand

There’s a great deal of prestige to be enjoyed by placing well-written, well-designed job advertisements in the right media. You get your name out there. You appear alongside the other movers and shakers. You seem alive, proactive and evolving.

Who’d have thought a simple vacancy could offer such a great PR opportunity?

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“We had a candidate who said he wasn’t
even looking to change jobs until he came
across our ad in Marketing Week.”

“There’s no way we could have negotiated
the same rates with the media.”

“They told me a Database Search would not
be the right approach for my Brand
Management vacancies and they
recommended an Advertised Search.
Two weeks and four agencies later, I ended up
going back to Good People”


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